In 2004, Andrew Delaplaine made a remark to his sister, Renee, at her and husband Tom Rodgers' annual Kentucky Derby Party that it was curious she only drank Champagne to the exclusion of all other alcoholic beverages. (He'd been doing some research on the family history, which goes back to the 1200's in France.)

And not only does Renee drink Champagne almost exclusively, but her daughter, Sophie, only drinks Champagne as well. No whiskey, no gin, no rum, no bourbon, no liqueurs, no aperitifs, no ports, sherries or what-have-you. 

Well, since the family is from French stock (Delaplaine on one hand and Delano on the other), Renee said, "Well, we should have our own Champagne!" "What?" he asked. "You know about grapes! Work on it!" she said.

Since Andrew had written a wine newsletter some years ago, and knew just enough about wine to be dangerous, the project began: to produce our own brand of wine – our initial goal was (and is) to produce and sell just two products: a wine from the Champagne region of France, and a sparkling wine from California that would become America's Best Tasting Sparkling Wine.

The permitting process has taken longer in France than we expected, so our California product is the first wine to be released.

Our goal—especially with our American product—has been to make a cuvée that is among the most outstanding American sparkling wines ever to be produced. And since we drink so much of the product ourselves, it had to please us before it could be allowed to please anybody else. This explains why we have so much Pinot Noir in our blend: it provides a robustness and "edge" that we appreciate and prefer. There's also a yeastiness to our blend that gives it a hint of the "cremant" style we also like.

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